Current Students

Summer Academy

A cornerstone of the SEEK Program is the annual Summer Academy Program for incoming freshmen.

The goals of the Summer Academy are:

  • To prepare students to become “Skills Certified”, which means successful completion of Reading, Writing and Mathematics Courses.
  • To give students a head start in their college level courses.
  • To orient student to SEEK staff, program expectations and services.
  • To educate students about  John Jay College Life, College resources and opportunities.

Student Life

Students who are accepted into the SEEK Program are welcomed into a close-knit community. Students have a choice of social and academic activities year round; and we encourage all to participate. Our students also enjoy all of the benefits of student life at John Jay, including membership in student organizations, athletics and honors programs.

SEEK Guidelines 

Dear Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program students,

The SEEK Program at John Jay College is committed to your success. Attached are guidelines which you will find to be useful as you move from one semester to the next. We want your experiences at John Jay College to be a memorable and productive one. Please take advantage of everything that the college has to offer. On behalf of the SEEK Department , we wish you a very productive college life. 

If you are a graduating senior, please click here for more information about graduation.

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