Theatre Arts

This unique minor provides a path into the performing arts. Experience the excitement of acting, improvisation and play production. Learn about theatre in terms of literature, history, performance styles and criticism. Understand the theoretical aspects of the theatre process and learn skills like costuming, make-up, lighting and directing.


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  • How to define “theatre” and distinguish and practice its many elements.
  • How to identify the characteristics of major theatre genres.
  • How to analyze theatrical pieces from and through diverse perspectives.
  • Critical thinking and writing through literary analysis of important dramatic works.
  • Application of drama-based skills in non-theatrical contexts like law, criminal justice and business.
  • Actor
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Playwright
  • Stage Director
  • Set/Stage Designer
  • Costumer
  • Make-Up Artist
  • Technical Director

For more information, please contact Professor Jean Mills.