Film Studies

  • Balance or complement your educational profile with a creative minor
  • Engage the linguistic, visual, and aural parts of your brain
  • Immerse yourself in visual arts that affect beliefs and stir feelings

Not to mention…

  • Our screen-based world is visual and will only get more visual
  • It’s fun and you’ll have great professors and fellow minors

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  • How to write, produce and edit your own video productions
  • How write feature-length screenplays, TV pilots, and other short, medium and long-form scripts
  • How to understand, navigate and enjoy the collaborative nature of film, TV and video production
  • How to get your work noticed
  • How to use analysis, personal experience and theory to understand, dissect and challenge current and historical conventions related to movie, television and video production
  • How to develop your own comprehensive critical perspective and apply it to your study of and thoughts about movies, television and videos
  • Producer 
  • Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Script Consultant
  • Actor
  • Agent
  • Film/TV Critic

To learn more, please contact Professor Jay Walitalo.