Anthropology Majors & Minor

JJ Cuny Department of Anthropology

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

The undergraduate major in Anthropology provides students with a strong foundation in Cultural Anthropology and the perspective and expertise it offers:knowledge of regions, peoples, cultures, international/global issues; skills to research, analyze, communicate, work and use information in global, cross-cultural settings; and values of respect and concern for other cultures and peoples.

The major also provides students experience in applying that knowledge to social problems that affect their own communities. Students will be provided opportunities to develop skills in ethnographic research methods and make use of anthropological knowledge in contemporary settings in the New York City region by engaging in urban fieldwork. Students are offered a choice of two concentrations: A) Global Cultural Forms and Social Inequalities; and B) Anthropology of Law, Power and Politics (Prerequisite & Requirements,Admissions Information)

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Anthropology Major Advisor: Shonna Trinch,, 646-557-4403

Bachelor of Arts in Deviance, Crime and Culture

The major in Deviance, Crime and Culture Studies is designed to provide students with a basic interdisciplinary understanding of important social problems and institutional responses to treat and control them. This major teaches students the ethnographic and ethnological skills necessary to do professional field research, while maintaining strong interdisciplinary content. This major is relevant to a number of social service careers including social work, social research, protective and corrective services, probation, parole, community reintegration and treatment. The research, writing, and broad interdisciplinary training also provide majors with the background necessary for graduate programs in social work, law, or the social sciences. The core requirements pertain to theory and research, while electives demonstrate applications of these to particular problems. (Prerequisite & Requirements, Admissions Information)

Deviance, Crime and Culture Studies Advisor: Marta-Laura Haynes,

Minor in Anthropology

The minor in anthropology provides students with exposure to the range of human variation across time and space and a comprehensive background in cross-cultural studies. This minor provides excellent preparation for further study in any discipline that requires the ability to understand and deal with other cultures. (Requirements)

Anthropology Minor Advisor: Edward Snajdr,, 212-237-8262