Full-Time Faculty Tenure

Tenure for Full-Time Faculty

General guidance for all candidates: Faculty are expected to review and adhere to the guidance in the Faculty Personnel Process Guidelines (FPPG). Other resources you might find helpful include the PSC CUNY contract and the CUNY bylaws. You are always welcome to contact Faculty Services for guidance regarding policy, process and practice pertaining to your personnel actions.


There is no application for tenure per se. Faculty are automatically considered for tenure as part of their 7th reappointment to their eighth year of service. Preparing for tenure consideration encompasses all the steps you would take for reappointment (updating your personnel file, submission of an action-specific form C), but also includes an additional step: the preparation of your scholarly materials for consideration by your external evaluators. These external evaluators will provide letters of assessment regarding your scholarship as it pertains to tenure; those letters will considered by the review committees as part of your personnel file.

CUNY Bylaws, Article VI, section 2, Tenure.

Generic Timeline for Tenure, Early Tenure and/or Promotion process

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Early Tenure

Like ordinary tenure, applicants for early tenure require letters from external evaluators, evidence of scholarly, teaching and service and a  tenure-focused form C.  Faculty who wish to be considered for early tenure begin the process by notifying the Provost of their intent to apply  for such consideration, copying their chair and the Manager of Faculty Services by March 15th.

CUNY Bylaws, Article VI, section 2, Early Tenure

Background Information on Early Tenure (Position Paper, Bowers 2018)

Applying for Early Tenure consideration in Fall 2023? 

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