College Laboratory Technician (CLT)

General guidance for all candidates: Faculty are expected to review and adhere to the guidance in the Faculty Personnel Process Guidelines (FPPG). Other resources you might find helpful include the PSC CUNY contract and the CUNY bylaws. You are always welcome to contact Faculty Services for guidance regarding policy, process and practice pertaining to your personnel actions.

College Laboratory Technician

CUNY Code of Practice Regarding Instructional Staff Titles, section 7.2:

For appointment at a college laboratory technician, a person, in addition to possessing knowledge and skills related to the discipline, shall be a high school graduate possessing one of the following sets of minimum additional qualifications: (a) four (4) years of work or experience appropriate to the requirements of the department at a level of competence comparable to that indicated by apprenticeship in the skilled trades, or (b) an associate degree from an accredited institution and a minimum of two (2) years of experience of the type described above, or (c) a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in an area appropriate to the duties to be performed, or (d) an appropriate combination of at least four (4) years of education and work experience beyond high school. The candidate shall have the personal characteristics needed to work effectively with students and staff.

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