Report a Complaint

All members of the John Jay College community should report safety hazards, crimes, loss of property, illness or injury. Proper reporting facilitates apprehension of wrongdoers and assists in making John Jay College a safer place.  If you observe any crime listed below, or if any person reveals to you that he/she learned of, or were the victim of, or witness to any crime listed below, immediately contact the Department of Public Safety at extension 8524, the emergency extension 8888, any Public Safety desk, or by visiting the Department of Public Safety in Room L2.61. This applies to crimes at any of John Jay’s buildings, public property adjacent to each of those buildings and locations at which other College activities are taking place, such as athletic fields used by John Jay College.  Please ensure that you provide complete information based on the facts that you possess.  Do not investigate the crime but make the report to the Department of Public Safety or call 9-1-1.

Below are resources that exist on campus to hear and investigate complaints of inappropriate conduct and to provide support to those who may be affected by such conduct. These offices offer specialized services and at the same time regularly work together to evaluate and improve their procedures and performance.


Behavior involving physical assault or acts of aggressive behavior, including verbal threats of violence, should be promptly reported to Public Safety. Such behavior may constitute workplace violence and must be addressed swiftly. Public Safety will initiate appropriate safety measures and will investigate the allegations.

Diego Redondo, Director of Public Safety & Risk Management, New Building, Room L2.61.00,, 212-237-8524 command center, 212-237-8888 for emergencies.

Visit the Public Safety Website


Allegations of behavior involving sexual misconduct and discrimination are to be reported to the Director of Compliance and Diversity. Discrimination is treating an individual differently or less favorably because of his or her race, color, creed, national origin, ethnicity, ancestry, alienage (immigration status), citizenship, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, marital or partnership status, military or veteran status, genetic information, unemployment status, pregnancy, or status as a victim of domestic violence/stalking/sex offenses. The behavior will be investigated.

Gabriela Leal, Interim Director of Compliance and Diversity/ Title IX Coordinator,  Haaren Hall, Room 622T, 646- 557-4674,

> Visit the Compliance and Diversity Website


The Labor Designee is available to address employees’ questions and concerns related to labor practices and contract issues. His office will bring parties together for resolution of the underlying issues.

Donald Gray, Labor Designee, Haaren Hall, Room 622T, 212-237-8614,

> Visit the Labor Designee Website


Behavior that creates tensions between employees should be reported to the Office of Human Resources. HR will take appropriate action through mediation or referral to other available services.

HR offers free and confidential counseling resources to staff and faculty who have concerns. This resource is available whether or not the employee chooses to file a formal complaint.

Paul WyattDirector of Performance Development, 212-237-8871,

> Visit the Human Resources Website


Behavior creating tensions involving students should be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students. That office will take action to address the issue, by speaking with involved parties, including the student, and referring the matter for investigation and action when appropriate.

Michael Sachs, Dean of Students, L.71.09NB, 212-237-8211,

> Visit the Office of the Dean of Students Website
> Visit the Behavioral Intervention Team Website for more information