Administrative Technology Support Services (ATSS)

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Administrative Computing services the college with Network Management, Help Desk, Phone System and Application and Main Frame Support.

Network Management
This group is responsible for connectivity to the internet, wireless and security. Its primary mission is to maintain the John Jay College network that connects virtually every technological service provided to members of the John Jay College community. Networking has always been an integral part of the Department of Information Technology (DoIT). From the days of the mainframe to the advent of internet and VoIP technologies the responsibilities of providing a scalable, reliable and flexible technological nervous  system falls to the Network group. Over the last few years to keep with the transformational nature and ever increasing needs of the John Jay community numerous network projects have resulted in a completely transformed infrastructure. This ever vigilant area is always upgrading, planning and identifying actions to provide these critical services. Simply put the Network group exists to ensure seamless services are in place to support research, teaching, learning and the operational readiness of the college. More 

Help Desk
We strive to be consistently helpful as possible so you, faculty, staff and students, can be as effective as your creativity and skills will permit. If you need assistance, whether it be a virus is in a computer or upgrade a computer, please call 212-237.8200. More

DoIT provides faculty, staff and students with e-mail accounts that can be read from any computer connected to the INTERNET. You are provided the flexibility to use your e-mail system from home, through American Online or any other INTERNET service provider. More

Phone System
Telecommunications maintains the College's Phone mail, telephone system, handles repairs to damaged telephone equipment, and completes any moves, adds or changes to staff and department extensions. It also maintains the online and printed directories for the faculty and staff. 

Applications & Mainframe Support
Our team of professionals handle the mainframe operations of the college, web application development and support, custom programming services, reporting and data manipulation.  Aside from these services, we also handle email account management, mainframe user administration and the maintenance of digital records.


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DoIT Technology HelpDesk - (212)237-8200
524 West 59th Street, Suite L2.63.00
New York, NY 10019