Student Printing Services

Classroom Lab Support Services (CLSS) provides superior printing service to John Jay College students from most academic computer labs within the college. Through the use of the PaperCut print system, students can send their print requests to our conveniently located, shared high speed printers without debiting their allocated printing account until they release and obtain their print jobs. Students can choose to print either in black and white or in color but at slightly higher cost. If their account is no longer sufficient, they can increase their account with additional deposit.

The EZ Print Center provides students easy and quick access to their print jobs in an area with multiple high speed and high quality laser printers.  It is conveniently located as an annex to the CLSS Student Computer Lab Center with its own entrance and long open hours same as the lab hours.  As this print center's utilization has been quite successful since its opening, CLSS will be establishing additional print centers or stations to better serve our entire campus.

CLSS Laptop Loan Center (LLC) has enabled its laptops to provide wireless printing.  Students using these LLC laptops can now easily and securely send their print jobs to a print release station at the EZ Print Center.

For information on Web/Remote Printing and JayPrint Refund procedure, please visit the Online Training Resources and FAQs page.

Please visit the CLSS General FAQ for common questions and answers.

All users at John Jay College using any campus computing resources are required to abide by rules and policies set forth by CUNY, our college and respective department or center.

DoIT Technology Helpdesk Contact:
Telephone: 212.237.8200
URL: Help Desk Self-Service