Rules & Policies

All users (faculty, staff, students and visitors) at John Jay College using any campus computing resources (i.e. computers, network and others) are required to abide by rules and policies set forth by CUNY, our college and respective department or center.

CLSS Internet Policy:

Due to the increasing number of students using Classroom Lab Support Services, Internet use is restricted to work relating to your courses at John Jay College. This policy is necessary in order to ensure that all students are able to complete their course work in a timely manner.

CLSS Rules:

No foods or drinks allowed in any of CLSS Computer Labs or Classrooms except for authorized special events. Cell phone usage is not allowed.

Software Policies:

Below is a list of no-nonsense software policies all users must abide by.  If you have any questions, please contact

  • All software is owned solely by the company that created or acquired it.
  • Users must abide by the terms of the agreement of use issued by the software company.
  • Users are not allowed to make copies of the software, either in its entirety or selected parts of the software.
  • A software license does not confer ownership of the software, only the right to install it on a given computer.


Neither John Jay College nor CLSS can be held accountable for any damage, loss of data or time spent due to any software whether installed by our technician or yourself.  Our technicians, however, will try to restore the CLSS computer to its prior or original state.  It is recommended that you perform a full system back-up or at least your important data to an external device such as a USB flash drive.

Please visit the CLSS General FAQ for common questions and answers.

DoIT Technology Helpdesk Contact:
Telephone: 212.237.8200
URL: Help Desk Self-Service