Central Receiving & Stockroom

The Central Receiving & Stockroom area is responsible for the receiving and shipping of packages. The JJC stockroom supplies are ordered via the online ordering Access system and are managed by the Central Receiving area. 

Receiving Services 

Central Receiving receives all deliveries to the college for verification and distribution. Once packages are identified and counted they are delivered to the intended department. A new scanning system is now used to enter the package information electronically and receiving department staff may now sign electronically for received packages, which are also logged into the computer. This allows for easy identification and location of all deliveries. Most deliveries arrive via UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and various trucking companies. 

Shipping Services  

Outgoing packages are also handled by the Mailroom and Central Receiving department. All outgoing packages need to be brought to the Mailroom or Central Receiving by the department shipping the package.

Stockroom Supplies  

The John Jay College stockroom supplies consist of copy paper, blank white #10 envelopes, envelopes with college letterhead and blue exam books. These items may be ordered via the JJC online ordering system. Only designated personnel may order. A designee form may be requested via email to cos@jjay.cuny.edu. Upon receipt of completed designee form, an account will be created or revised. Click here for Designee form.

Policies & Procedures 

John Jay College Policies and Procedures Compendium (Inside John Jay)

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Supervisor of Stock Workers, Level III

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Supervisor of Stock Workers, Level I 

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