DRC Dispute Resolvers Listserv

NYC-DR Listserv for Dispute Resolvers: Started on Sept 27, 2001 by Professor Maria R. Volpe, the purpose of the listserv is to facilitate information exchange and discussion among all those interested in dispute and conflict resolution, mediation, arbitration, peacemaking, facilitation, collaborative problem solving, dialogue, restorative justice, violence prevention, social justice and related fields. 

The listserv is open, unmoderated, and committed to freedom of expression.  All views expressed on the listserv are those of the posters and not of the CUNY DRC.  The listserv Working Group includes: Julie Denny, Bathabile Mthombeni,  Jeff Thompson, Maria Volpe, Chris Watler, and Alex Yaroslavsky. We strive to make everyone feel welcomed and valued as a contributor. 

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To access listserv archives, go to: http://listserver.jjay.cuny.edu/archives/nyc-dr.html. Please register the first time you access the archives.

For additional assistance contact the list administrator, Prof. Maria Volpe of John Jay College at: mvolpe@jjay.cuny.edu.