EAB Navigate - Scheduling Tutoring Appointments

Welcome to EAB Navigate!!!!!!

You can schedule all of your tutoring appointment needs here. The system is easy to use after you log in with your CUNYfirst credentials.

Follow the log-in and scheduling instructions below.

Students can also schedule their own appointments from a computer or any smart device by going to EAB Navigate.

How to log into Navigate and schedule an appointment:

  1. Use your CUNYfirst credentials to log into Navigate (i.e. firstname.lastname##@login.cuny.edu)
    • If you experience any issues signing into Navigate, below are troubleshooting steps:
      • Username: firstname.lastname## (must include the numbers at the end of the CUNYfirst username)
        • Must enter the domain - @login.cuny.edu
        • Your CUNYfirst username is not the same as your JJAY email username
          • ​only use your CUNYfirst username.
      • Password: most current CUNYfirst password
      • If you experience an Access Denied message of some sort OR just cannot get your log-in to work in order to access Navigate
        • Delete cookies and cache files from browser OR try to log-in using a different browser
        • You can also try ​resetting your CUNYfirst password
  2. Click - Schedule an Appointment 
  3. Choose Type of Appontment - This is selecting the department/unit for which you are trying to schedule an appointment with - Tutoring

  4. Select your preferred Service under the appropriate Center - this is choosing the support service which you are trying to schedule an appointment for - Tutoring under the Modern Language Center
  5. Choose a Date
  6. Click - Find Available Time
  7. Select preferred course
  8. Select preferred date and time with a tutor
  9. Review appointment details
  10. Don't forget to click Schedule!!!


Visual Aids of Scheduling an Appointment in Navigate:

         1. Click - Schedule an Appointment 



2. Choose Type of Appointment – Tutoring

  • select your preferred Service under the appropriate Center - Tutoring under the Modern Language Center 
  • Choose a Date


6. Select preferred course



7. Select preferred date and time with a tutor



8. Review appointment detials 



9Don't forget to click Schedule!!!




Please feel free to contact the MLC languagecenter@jjay.cuny.edu if you have any questions about scheduling appointments.



Thanks You,


Updated Fall 2022