Faculty Travel Reimbursement

Reimbursement Process – At a Glance

  • Faculty member completes the Travel Approval Form (TAF) and submits it to his/her Department Chair.
  • The Department Chair signs and dates the TAF and emails copies to faculty member and the OAR Travel Coordinator.
  • OAR Travel Coordinator sends the faculty member confirmation of approved travel.
  • Upon completion of trip, the faculty member completes and signs The RF-CUNY Travel Reimbursement Voucher (JJAY Version) and submits it along with the required support documentation to Dept. Head or his/her travel designee, if appropriate. (This varies by Dept.)
  • Departments with/out a travel designee – Dept. head forwards packet to OAR Coordinator (Skip to Step #8)
  • Departments with a travel designee - Designate reviews packet. (If packet is missing info, coordinator contacts faculty member who provides required documentation.)
  • Designate forward the packet electronically to OAR Travel Coordinator.
  • OAR Travel Coordinator confirms receipt of a packet with the traveler and reviews packet. (If packethe t is missing info, the coordinator contacts the member who provides the required documentation.)
  • OAR Travel Coordinator submits reimbursement packet to RF for payment. RF takes 2-3 weeks to review the packet and process a payment. 
  • Faculty member receives payment.

Contact the OAR Travel Coordinator at travel@jjay.cuny.edu with any questions.