Project-Related Travel

Before You Travel

  • Make sure that you have funds approved and budgeted for travel (check your web report) and that you have IRB approval (if applicable).
  • Save your travel confirmations for airfare/transportation, hotel, etc.
  • All flights must be booked using the lowest available fare in economy class on U.S. Flag air carriers, per the Fly America Act, or on an authorized European Union carrier per the U.S. - EU Open Skies Agreement (see European Union countries for a map of those countries) or on a Swiss, Australian, or Japanese carrier, as permitted under separate government agreements. For use of U.S. air carriers that have code-sharing arrangements with foreign air carriers, other than with European Union countries, Switzerland, Australia or Japan, the ticket must be issued with the U.S. air carrier's call letters (the two characters that precede the flight number) and flight number to qualify for reimbursement.  Tickets issued with a foreign carrier's call letters and flight number, even if the flight is operated by a U.S. carrier, are not reimbursed.
  • Written justification must be provided whenever a foreign air carrier, other than a European Union, Swiss, or Australian carrier, must be used. Lower cost is not an acceptable justification for use of a foreign carrier instead of a U.S., European Union, Swiss or Australian carrier. Your sponsor may have further restrictions; check with your Project Administrator. 
  • If you wish, you may complete a Travel Advance Request form to request that travel funds be advanced to you before you make your travel arrangements.  This should be done well in advance of your trip.  Usually, travelers make arrangements out-of-pocket, and then are reimbursed upon their return.  If the PI has an outstanding advance from, a prior or current award, the advance must be reconciled before another advance can be issued.  Awardees can request up to 80% of the amount allotted to travel.  Usually, a check is mailed to the address provided on the Travel Advance Form, but PIs can request payment by Direct Deposit. A Vendor ACH Form should be completed and sent to the Research Foundation in order to have any reimbursement and/or advances direct deposited into your bank account.  Please remember that you will not be able to spend any remaining funds on your account until you have cleared the travel advance with your receipts upon your return!  

 While You Travel

  • Save all receipts from your trip!  
  • Airfare and other forms of transportation – scanned copies of boarding passes or tickets must be submitted for reimbursement of airfare/train/etc.
  • Hotel/Lodging receipt upon checkout – this receipt will show proof of payment and stay, and should indicate a $0 balance due and method of payment. 
  • Meals – 2 options save your itemized receipts for personal meals (alcohol is not a reimbursable expense under any circumstance) or request the current federal or foreign per diem rates (no need to save receipts for meals)
  • Per Diem Rates for Lodging and Meals:
  • Local Travel – save taxi/metro card/subway/etc. receipts indicating proof of payment; for each trip, describe origin, destination, and reason for travel 
  • Automobile Usage – .56¢ per mile is reimbursable for use of a personal vehicle. MapQuest detail of the destination start and end point should be submitted for proof of mileage.  Use of a Rental Car must be reasonable and justifiable to be reimbursed.  Receipt showing proof of rental and proof of payment must be submitted.
  • Other – Other miscellaneous expenses such as business meals with other attendees, etc can be listed here.
  • Agenda/Itinerary/Invitation - Travel should be associated with a particular purpose such as data collection, research, etc.  Attach an agenda, itinerary, flyer, invitation or other similar material

After you Travel

  • Complete an E-Payment Travel Expense Voucher and submit your claim online using the E-Payment Request System. Please make sure you use the online version of the Travel Expense Voucher and Request for Payment Form.
  • Scan/attach copies of all receipts/tickets/boarding passes/agenda/etc. You will have to scan receipts to a PDF file if you are going to submit your claim online via the E-Payment Request System. For each expense, make sure you show proof of payment. 
  • If you received an advance, please indicate in the appropriate field. Deduct from the amount actually spent to get your reimbursement, allowing that you still have funds available in your account for travel purposes. Attach copy of advance, if available.                          

Links to Travel Related Forms and Other Helpful Links

These forms and more information on travel related expenses can also be found under the Travel Section of the Project Director’s Guide on the RF website.

RFCUNY Login: You will need to log into the RF CUNY website to access these forms. If you need an RF login, please e-mail with your contact information and request one.