Electronics Disposal

Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

Unwanted electronic equipment must not be disposed of in the trash or abandoned in storage rooms or other locations.

Electronic wastes (E-waste) are unwanted items that have an electrical cord or are powered by batteries. Examples are televisions, monitors, computers, radios, audio and stereo equipment, fax machines, printers, scientific equipment, etc. They are not to be disposed of with regular trash. Battery powered-devices such as radios and other electronics are also to be disposed of as electronic waste once the batteries have been removed.

From “Inside John Jay” go to “Resource Center” and then scroll down to “WORK ORDERS / FACILITY & SPACE REQUEST” and then to “Inventorial Assets Transfer/Recycle Form” to put in a request to schedule electronic waste disposal and/or to track transfer/disposal of sensitive equipment.   There is also a  Inventorial Assets Transfer/Recycle Form Addendum which provides more information.

Electronic wastes are managed by the Department of Property Management. For more information, visit the Property Management website.


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