Space Planning Services

In order to streamline requests made to the Department of Space Planning & Capital Projects (SPCP) and ensure proper monitoring of the work, all requests for minor space modifications, furniture, office moves, and signage are required to be processed through SPCP. To initiate a request, the Minor Space Modifications/ Furniture Requests/ Moves/ Signage Evaluation Request Form must be filled out and submitted to SPCP for evaluation.

Requestor Responsibilities:

  • Provide a detailed description of the scope of work and/or services, including the type of funding
    to be used for the work requested;
  • Prior to submitting the form for evaluation, it must be signed by your Department Head
    and the VP of the Division.
  • Submit completed form to

SPCP Responsibilities:

  • Once a completed form is received, SPCP will review the scope and available funding.
  • If required, SPCP will undertake a walk-through to assess the existing space and/or condition of the existing furniture to be upgraded, renovated, or replaced.
  • SPCP will communicate the final decision to the Requestor. If approved, SPCP will provide the requestor with a preliminary schedule, budget, and, where required, preliminary furniture cut sheets.

Please note:

  • The Department of Space Planning & Capital Projects will coordinate the moving of computer &
    office equipment, such as printers and copy machines, with DoITT and Campus Services.
  •  Furniture, such as desks, bookshelves, and file cabinets, that are required to be relocated must be completely emptied prior to being moved.  SPCP will provide boxes and tape for the department to pack the contents.
  • All personal and fragile items must be moved by the owner of the items or their department.  These items will not be included in scope of the move coordinated by SPCP.
  • SPCP will remove white boards and framed wall mounted items that are to be relocated to a new office. 
    The occupant of the new office must submit a WO to Facilities to have them remounted in their new space.
  • Requests for new room and cabinet keys are to be submitted to Public Safety by the office or department being moved at

Please use the link to the electronic forms below for convenience.

Minor Space Modifications/ Furniture Requests/ Moves/ Signage Evaluation Request Form

The link to the form and instruction sheet are also available on the Inside John Jay section of our Website
under the “Work Orders/Facility & Space Request” section.

For classroom furnishings, flooring, cleaning, and window treatments please contact Facilities Management
via their Web Page or via Work Order