Diversity Initiatives


1. Progress Report-Committee on Diversity and Inclusion 2014-2017

2. College’s Five-Year Faculty Diversity Strategic Plan (FDSP) and Annual CUNY Approved Progress Reports:

3. John Jay Faculty DEI-PD Initiative flyer 

4. Faculty Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Professional Development Initiative

5. Sharing the Climate Review Report & Next Steps (October 31, 2019) 
In this October 2019 message, President Mason announced the creation of a new Office of Diversity, Compliance, Equity & Inclusion to be led by a new vice president identified through a national search.  President Mason’s message notes that the incoming vice president will be charged with, among other things, reimagining the mission and structures for the Diversity Committee.  

6. Next Steps on Diversity and Inclusivity at John Jay (March 6, 2018)
In this message, President Mason recognized the outstanding work from the Diversity Committee and shared links to the new Diversity website and the new Committee membership.

7. Climate Review:
To learn more about recent and ongoing work to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion at John Jay, visit our climate review webpage .